Native Scottish Angus at Alto

The Scots are back!

"Natives" carry only the pure original Scottish Aberdeen-Angus genetics

There are good reasons to preserve the original Scottish genes in a pure form

 and we welcomed the Natives to the Alto herd in 2012.

March 2012 first ET calves born at Alto by the sire Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161,   from the dams Dunlouise Elmarie Y075  & Dunlouise Cherry BlossomFlora F202

       Dunlouise ET calves with their recipient mothers - Alto Commercial cows

This photo shows the easy calving shape and size of  the Native calves.


At Alto Australia:  

Native Scottish Angus from Dunlouise cows of the:

 Erica, Eulima,  Cherry Blossom, Jipsey, Nell of Aldbar & Ruth of Tillyfour families

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