the Benefits of Pure Angus


Native Angus®

Today the original Pure Bred Aberdeen-Angus is defined by the Aberdeen-Angus Society (UK) as “Native Bred” To qualify their whole pedigree must trace back to the original British genetics and have no imported bloodlines.

Alto Angus:


Caramut, Victoria,

Australia 3274

Genes and traits true to the pure Aberdeen-Angus:

        • fertility

        • genuine easy calving - ideal for heifers.

        • conformation correctness

        • grass conversion

        • premium beef

        • longevity - for return on investment

        • profit per ha.

        • premium beef


Joy Howley:

+61 (0) 421 989 317

Jayne Howley

+61 (0) 413 014 393

Brad Dean

+61 (0) 413 014 395

Alto Highlander H6

Sire: Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 Dam: Dunlouise Elmarie Y071

Alto Hero H9

sire: Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 dam: Dunlouise Cherry BlossomFlora F202

Using the Native Angus® over our Australian herd has yielded great results:

This 18mth steer is by a Native Angus sire & from a 2yr old heifer

At 24 months 640kg a great grass fed product
WVLX Mortlake Store Sale 20/2/2020 These Alto Angus steers - Some pure Native, others all by Native Sires Sold top price per kg Wt. av. 306kg Age av. 301 daysAll from Grass Only.......

Ease of Production for Profit & Premium beef per hectare