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Working together to bring Native Angus semen to Australian breeders
These bulls offer the pure Native Origin Angus genetics & traits
They are used worldwide on beef and dairy heifers


Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 has earned an impressive Milk EPD of +42 in America which ranks him in the top fraction of one percent among 23,448 current sires evaluated in the American Angus Association database by measure of the outstanding productivity of his daughters who also consistently combine excellent fleshing ability, natural thickness, structural soundness, early puberty, breed character and their own distinctive look of quality.  

Although he was bred and selected for the desirable attributes of his 100% native Scotch pedigree rather than by EPDs, he has also emerged as a unique proven sire with positive rankings for multiple other traits as well including calving-ease, fertility, docility, muscle and moderate mature size.  Now more than ever, this living legend is established as a true one-of-a-kind bull with no peer in the Aberdeen-Angus breed.                       Kurt Schaff  American Angus Hall of Fame  (2014)

Jipsey family     

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"One of the very best and rarest families in existence in the breed, the Jipsey family was founded in the Dunlouise program with the phenomenal mother/daughter pair, Jipsey Nova of Cannahars and Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485" 

Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485
Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485

"Cannahars Jipsey Yoko 485 proved to be one of the most powerful and impressive female at the core of the breeds greatest and rarest families.  She is one of the all time great daughters of the Perth Reserve Supreme Champion Betro of Classlochie.  Representing the best in linebreeding, her daughter, Dunlouise Jipsey Clova C095, produced Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161, the great breeding bull who has seen international AI use

Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 Bulls calves at Alto in November 2012
From cows Dunlouise Elmarie Y071  or  Dunlouise Cherry Blossom Flora F202 


Dunlouise Cortachy Boy D137                                      
Semen availabe:   $50/straw (inc. GST)


Dunlouise Commander Bond
Semen availabe:   $60/straw (inc. GST)
We have had great success with this bull over "Jipsey Earl" heifers


Alto Highlander H6

Semen availabe:   $50/straw (inc. GST)
A calving weight of 36kg and a mature weight of 1045 kg.
Producing calves of great Angus character and performance.
For breeders wanting easy calving and good grass conversion.

Dunlouise Elmarie Y071Dunlouise Elmarie Y071