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Exciting development for International Native Angus Breeders

Rediscover the Benefits of Pure Angus

Native Bred Angus:
Today the original Pure Bred Aberdeen-Angus is defined by the Aberdeen-Angus Society (UK)   as Native Bred     
To qualify their whole pedigree must trace back to the original British genetics and have no imported bloodlines.

Genes and traits true to the pure Aberdeen-Angus:

        • fertility
        • genuine easy calving - ideal for heifers.
        • conformation correctness
        • grass conversion
        • premium beef
        • longevity -  for return on investment
        • profit per ha.
        • premium beef

Alto Highlander H6

Sire:  Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161    Dam: Dunlouise Elmarie Y071

Alto Hero H9

sire: Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161     dam: Dunlouise Cherry BlossomFlora F202

Using the Natives over our Australian herd has yielded great results

This steer is from a heifer by a Native Angus sire

He weighed 268 kg at 171 days.
this photo taken at 18 months
    At 24 months he weighed 640kg -  a great grass fed product

Ease of Production for Profit & Premium beef per hectare